Bit more about how I learnt to sew...

I realised at some point, not quite sure when, that I had learnt almost everything I knew about embroidery from books. I was given a good head start from my mum, who was into cross-stitch in a big way, and I grew up around women who would knit or crochet or sew or make clothes etc. But I had taught myself a lot of what I knew about crewelwork and embroidery from books.

There were a few reasons for this:

  • Not many classes are geared towards the timetables of young girls at uni or school
  • Not many classes are geared for the tastes of younger people (you get a bit sick of fairies and flowers and countrysides)
  • It can be a bit confronting to sit in a room full of 'grown-ups' and sew

These themes seem to be common to a lot of the textile groups and guilds... it is difficult to attract younger embroiderers when meetings and classes are often held throughout the day.

I looked around for a course to take when we moved to Sydney, but there are very few options available for what I wanted to learn. I'll go into it another time, but the upshot is that I finally found the Embroiders Guild of NSW, and started their Creative Correspondance Course.

I'm just finishing the last lesson this week (only slightly overdue) and the last 3 years has been an amazing journey of growth in my embroidery. Doris, my tutor, has been incredibly supportive, helpful and encouraging, and I'm at a bit of a loss about what to do next! No more course :(

Where to go from here???