Thoughts on the tree

I've been thinking a bit about the tree and think I need to start some companion pieces to go with it into a quilt before I can do anything more on the tree.

My first thought was to do a blue wren, since I've done them before and I have a soft spot for them. But mum pointed out that a blue wren doesn't tend to live in a massive old gum tree. So I'm looking at things that do live in gum trees, like big cockatoos, or spiders and bugs you see on the trunks. I think I need to go out with my binos and actually look at one or two big trees instead of making it up as I go along...

I've been working away at the flower as well, and have finally made it onto the leaves:

I'm not 100% happy with the petals on the right hand side and I might go back and adjust them a bit. I'm toying with the idea of filling in the rear petals - I had intended on leaving them blank but now I'm not sure. We've been sooo busy with the kids and Christmas and New Years that I've not managed to get more than half an hour at a time to sew and I have the feeling I need to spend some time in a long block so I can finish it off properly. It probably only needs another hour or two to be totally done!

I'll try to finish it by tomorrow and put a pic when it's done :)