New project

I've had a short break while we all went to Geelong for my Sister in laws wedding but I'm really happy and motivated to be back sewing! It's amazing how much of the world I now see through the eyes of an embroiderer - almost everything i see is assessed for it's ability to be transformed into a design.

I'm hoping to be able to enter the AP&Q Challenge this year. I saw the amazing quilts last year in all the quilt shows and thought they were amazing and that i would never be able to do anything like that, but now i'm going to give it a go. not sure how my embroidery will translate, and I'm also a little worried because i have quilted anything in ages. I'm also pushing my luck since the entries need to be in by 9/2. so thats 22 days. Sure, i can pull it off. mmm, we'll have to see how i go.

So the theme is "What the World Needs Now". I've been thinking all day about what to do any have lots of sketches which i will upload tomorrow (hopefully). Off now to get some more drawing done!