Little Green Thing

I was working away on the poppies last night but getting a bit bored, so thought I would try something I'd been thinking of for a few days. I have been trying to work out how to make the poppies for the quilt in a way which allows me to sew them onto the quilted product, and not just look like stump work. I've also always loved fascinators and particularily the handmade ones you see with lots of detail and free movement in the fabric and beads.

So I created this last night:

Obviously the colours are wrong, (duh) but I only had white and green fabric which was suitable, and the flash has done weird things to the shiny green fabric (really could do with that new camera I keep going on about...) but overall I think it's a good start. I'm imagining it with some really fierce red silk and lots of black shiny bits in the centre. I also had a similar idea with felt, but was only up to one last night.
I'm struggling with the poppies right now. I keep wanting to use the fantastic chunky threads I have without just couching them down, but they are definately not working on the fabric, I'm really aware that if I'm not careful it's going to either not work at all or become another form of satin stitched poppy.