Poppy Quilt Fabric

I spent an hour in the sunshine this arvo dying the fabric for the quilt. I needed to do it in one go, outside, on a day when it would dry, so it took me a while to get to it. But I think it looks good - it's the look i was going for. I used black Rit Dye in varying strengths and a paintbrush to get the effect I wanted. I have been using acrylic paint thinned down with water to get the gold lettering, but I've only done 8 of 32 names so I've got a bit to go.

Here it is so far:

I'm planning on slicing up the fabric into thin strips before piecing it back together, so each name will be broken up at least one way.
I took Ethan with me to the War Memorial this morning after his ENT appointment. I loved seeing what was really there as a contrast to what is in my head, and Ethan always loves putting the poppies in the wall. He always asks the same questions about why their names are there and I always find it so hard to explain how I feel about it, but I suppose that's the point really. Explaining to the future generation what their sacrifice means, and remembering.