Expressions Quilt Competition

I've put the Yabbie idea aside for now. It's a great image, but I don't feel like it will work so well in wool.

I had a good long think about how wool is different to cotton, and how I use wool in what I wear and maek - the kind of effects I get with wool threads and how it would sew. And basically, it's totally different. It is often stretchy and there are so many variations - I could use fine suiting wool or thick felt, coarse woven blankets or soft scarfs. It's often expensive, I could barely find any in the op shops that wasn't black or tweed, and there was almost nothing in Spotlight.

I like how I can felt wool and stop the edges from fraying so much. I like how I can layer wool and get a real impression of depth - most cottons could be layered until the cows come home and you would still have only a few millimetres of thickness - you only need a few layers of wool and you have something really textural and tactile - it invites you to touch and creates shadows.

So, what has lots of layers and rich earthy colours? Tree bark! I always love looking at tree bark - it's like snowflakes, no two trees are the same. Plus where we live is right next to the bush so we are literally surrounded by thousands of amazing examples. I'm thinking a long thin quilt (75cm x 150cm). With spiders and grubs and ants and a bird. Brilliant and layered and golden.

I have some bascic sketches but nothing I'm really happy with. There is this:

and this is the life-size version:
But I'm not 100% happy with either. More to follow!