Mum pointed out that a quilt full of bark and not much else might be abit overwhelming, so we came up with the idea to add a 'sidebar' and put a bird of some kind on a branch coming out from the tree trunk. It should work to give more context to the quilt without taking away from the bark, and break up the texture of the tree.

Here is the sketch of the wattlebird:

I'm not sure if the tail is a bit big, but i definately like the nest and baby birds. Rose claimed the little fluffy one already as 'Rosie's bird'.
Was thinking I would use some flecked wool felt or suiting fabric for the bird, which i would then embroider on, and a selection of gold, silver, gray, brown and white twisted wool skeins´╗┐ for the nest.
Just need to find some decent size paper to draw a scale version before we can start working in fabric!