Got the Fabric!

We're now happy with the painting (I'vre darkened a lot of the tree trunk) as it is:

and I'm really ready to start working with fabric! We headed out to another op shop today but they have very little that is wool. Lots of manky old mens suits they want $40 or more for, which seems like a rip off to me. So we headed to Addicted to Fabric in Phillip and got some great wool fabric. We also got a pure wool yarn from Stitch'n time in Phillip which mum is going to knit into shape then we are going to felt it.

Some of the fabrics we're planning on using:

The white is a wool and silk mix which is very transparent, so I'm thinking we can use it to lighten the other fabrics if we need to.
I've been thinking alot about the construction and I think it might be a case of trial and error before we have something we like - it is so much trickier not knowing how the fabric will sew considering the different stretchiness and weight of them all. Luckily anything felted shouldn't fray so we might be able to get away with not folding over in a few cases.
Just have to see how we go!