I've been working on an orchid design for a little while and while I'm really happy with the drawn version I just can't seem to get the hang of embroidering it. I've tried using silk applique, plain embroidery, and now I've couched a heap of threads into the form, but it's still not 100%.
Here is the sketch:

and here is the first complete orchid (note there is no stem, leaf, or additional sewing, it's just the orchid right now and definately NOT finished):

The colours haven't come through so well either, the thread in the center is a really beautiful pink, and there are hints of a peacock blue in the petals.
It's been really crazy round here lately, I've been having lots and lots of ideas and been drawing non-stop but it is next to impossible to get any sewing done. I've managed to get to the crafty frog (my birthday treat) and picked up some amazing things for the wool quilt, as well as heading into addicted to fabric, where I could have spent hours and hours and worked my way 80% to their loyalty card. Ooops. More to follow...