Been a bit slack...

So I've been a bit slack with this blog lately. It's not that I have been slack with my sewing, in fact I've been slightly obsessed lately, I just don't have any energy left to post anything once I've packed away the threads.

I've been working on finishing a few things and starting others. I finally put away a few projects I've been languishing on for ages, since I figure if I'm not inspired to finish them I won't be doing my best work. Hopefully all of them will resurface in the future. Part of it is that I get close to finishing something and then realise that I've not got anywhere to put it or anything to do with it, and I already have lots of finished pieces waiting for frames or mounting or anything really.

So what have I been working on? I made a headboard for my daughters bed, using some fantastic hot pink fabric from Addicted to Fabric in Woden. She already has a bit of an owl theme (although I'm relatively slack when it come to kids rooms and themes), so I stitched a boy owl onto it.

In the pics it is not quite finished, I blanket stitched the branch, added some green leaves and some white and purple flowers. I haven't got around to mounting it yet, once I do I will add some more pics.
I have also started a red flower headboard. I made felt by hand, then took the shape from a watercolour I did a few months ago.

this is the outline, and below is the pic with my hand for a size comparison.

I have since machine stitched the felt onto the background (it's a wool blend), which has buckled the fabric a little. It should be fine once it has been mounted, I'm still debating doing a bit more stitching on the largest felt piece.

This one below is a close up of the sequins and beads I've used.

and this is the whole piece with the beginnings of the beading on the right side. I used a gold sequin as well as the red at first, but I'm unhappy with it as I think it takes away from the overall flower, so I plan on removing it.

Thats where I'm up to!