Queanbeyan Quilt Show

I went with Mum and Rosie to the quilt show in Queanbeyan today. It was a nice girly arvo, I know she's only 2 and can't really appreciate quilts yet but she always gets admired by the lovely ladies so is quite happy to tag alone.

Most of the quilts were lovely, quite a few of them I had seen at the Canberra show or bungendore quilt show, but it's nice to see them again all the same. I also had a chat with some of the guild members who were painting of fabric with various paints, one was using the Liquid Radiance products I've been itching to try so it was good to see how easy they were to use. I think cost-wise I'm going to be stuck using watered down acrylic for a bit longer since I can't justify $10 a jar for setacolour or anything else fancy.

There were a 'trio' of fabric artists with their own exhibition there as well, one of them was Fiona Hammond. She had some beautiful pieces, and was using some silk 'paper' which I would love to learn more about. It's always such a pleasure to meet the women making the pieces I love, it gives me something to aim towards.

Here is a pic of her silk paper necklace:

I really love the colour she has used and the contrasting thread. Her work is so even and her shapes and patterns are really beautiful. 

We went to spotlight for 15 mins after the show (before they chucked us out at 3.55pm, how dare we try to shop when they want to go home!!!), and I found this cushion. I'm not sure I like the effect, it seems a bit like cheating to me, they just trap the sequins in organza over the base fabric, then use ribbons and braid to add interest. I think in something like a cushion which you would move around a lot it would be good, as it has that lava-lamp, sand-picture sort of feel, but I can't stop myself from thinking it's basically just a short-cut.

I'm almost finished the red flower, I'm itching to get onto the next project which should be a boat on blue linen, but must control myself!