It's lucky I love my husband...

Cos he certainly knows how to pick his moments. I'm very tired. He knows I have a headache. I'm trying to get some work done (not fun sewing work, boring admin work) and have finally caught a moments peace. And in he stomps with "so whats for dinner?"


I'm working with an idea to do a series of panels, on beautiful fabric with simple but effective patterns, and sell them at the Old Bus Depo Markets one Sunday. If I could raise a bit of cash it would help me buy more fabric for headboards. I've done a few, ran out of staples so haven't mounted them yet, but I'm happy with them so far.

Some pics of recent work:

Grey panel, red felt circles and simple stitching.

White cotton panel, with print. The circles are blue/grey handpainted felt, and I used a combination of machine quilting and hand embroidery and beading. The first pic has our resident willy wag-tail on the fence, he often sits there while I'm sewing or designing. I used interfacing behind the fabric while I used the machine, but still found the fabric was distorted by the stitching - I think I'm just going to have to use less stitching on the panels until I can figure out a solution.
I'm working on a simple crewel design for the next panel. More to follow :)