The Very Hungry Caterpillar for Mel

My friend is having her first baby soon, and has stubbornly chosen to not find out if she's having a boy or a girl! This makes it difficut for me to pick what kind of quilt and picture to make for her - how could she not think of my needs!!! Actually it's very sweet, I just never had enough self restraint to not find out, and she's really so excited about the baby...

Anyway, back to sewing. So I was thinking of all the usual unisex thing (jungles or Noah's Ark, etc) and thought my kids would love it if I did a castle theme with knights and dragons and princesses, but she's having a baby not a 4 year old, so I think I'll stick to something a bit younger. I finally remembered that one of my kids favourite books was a 3D version of the hungry caterpillar. The colours are bright and totally unisex, it's easily recognisable and very appropriate.

Here's my first sketch:

I'm thinking various green felt squares for the body, a big squishy red head and a plump green leaf. Obviously.
Not 100% sure about background colour, perhaps a soft blue to balance out the bold´╗┐ colours? Unsure. Plus a lot of his pictures include a sun (or moon) so that might be an option to bring a few more colours in. I think I need to find the colours for the leaf and caterpillar and go from there. I have some great green tulle and flimsy fabric, maybe I could so something with that? Not sure yet...
Still, now I have something to work on! Yay!!!