An old Artichoke...

One of the assignments for the Creative Corrospondance Course from the Embroiders Guild of NSW is to find a vegetable, cut it up and design something from this. A lot of people used cauliflowers or lettuce, but I loved the idea of cutting up an artichoke, the contrast is better between the outside layers and the inside.

Anyway, here are some pics:

I used a lot of old rope and twine from the garage, i loved how white it was compared to a lot of the threads, also it wasn't as perfect, and as it was synthetic it easily split once I had started using it. The base of the stem is a bit of webbing from an old pack.

It was one of those really joyous projects, I knew from the start what I wanted and what it would look like, and how I would do it. The colours were so beautiful, but nothing like what I would typically choose.

I mostly used couching, stem stitch, chain stitch and back stitch, with some lacing as well.