The bower again...

It's amazing how much you can get sorted in one day. First James made me a frame big enough to take the panel for the bower. Considering it only cost about $30 all up for materials, and normally a frame that size would be much more expensive I'm a bit miffed we haven't tried it before. Here it is:

You can just about see the dsign I drew on it chalk, it's a bit of a rough guide.
I've been´╗┐ through all my fabric and threads and have a collection now for the panel, and impressively it's actually mostly wool. There are a few mohair bits, and a few wool mixes, but mostly it's all wool!
I did a small piece a while ago for the creative corrospondance course from the Embroiders Guild of NSW, it's very simple and just lines, but includes a lot of applique without the fabric overpowering the embroidery. I'm thinking about using a similar approach, especially down the bottom of the panel. Here it is:

Ok, off to start sewing if I have the energy. ´╗┐