Mossy patches for the bower

Bower birds love to collect things that are blue, but they also like to collect things that are a lovely lemon/canary yellow and mossy green patches to decorate their bowers. The one in Mum's garden would collect the yellow/gold sugarcane mulch and these bright patches of lichen or moss and then scatter them about artistically :)

I thought the bower might look a bit clinical and 'typical' without any patches of moss, so we made these crochet 'moss patches' from brilliant lime green wool.

I'm thinking we need about 5 patches all up, these two will be the biggest (about 2.5cm x 2.5cm) with the smaller ones around thumbnail size. I love their randomness and vibrant colour (my camera once again wasn't able to capture their colour well), they should really pop out against the browns and greys and provide a bit of balance for the blue pieces.