I'm feeling at a bit of a crossroads now, with the bower quilt. I have so many possible options for the bower, but none of them are jumping out at me as the best option, I started couching the threads down individually and while it looks good it will take 3 years to get that many threads down and I just don't want to spend so long sewing down brown and grey threads!

I cut a sample of the threads and laid them on to show the effect it would have if I chose to couch the whole lot:

Perhaps I need to find a way to keep this look without it taking quite so long to achieve? More to think about...

On another note, I found out about an amazing group today who provide quilts for soldiers, sailors and airmen deployed to Afghanistan. There blog can be found here:


As my husband will be going there for a major chunk of next year, I figured I better get sewing so he can have something warm and comforting to take with him! Maybe something with the kids handprints on it??? I asked him what he wanted and he asked for something with a Dive Helmet on it, so maybe we'll go down that path.

I'm also going to trick up his laundry bag, they have a pattern on their blog but I'm not sure how well their clothes would wash in a lined sack - I think the laundry sack he has from going to sea would be much more effective at washing his sweaty yucky clothes! I'll post some pics once it's done :)