'How to' for a topographic quilt.

I finally got around to making a template for the tree bark topographic quilt today!

I magnified and printed out the template last night, then stuck it togethers using sicky tape. This is a close up of the effect (once again on yellow paper):

The gaps aren't meant to be there, but I was doing this about 10pm last night and couldn't be bothered to start again without gaps.
Then I used greaseproof paper to create paper patterns, like a dressmakers pattern, using the yellow paper template. I could have just cut out the yellow but I think I'm better off keeping it as a reference until I get the basic shape stitched on. 

I used an A4 colour copy of the design to use as a key and to keep my colours in perspective. 

and then I pinned the greaseproof onto the first layer fabric, and cut them out! This way I can create a topographic effect without having to waste huge amounts of fabric, by cutting them in pieces.

 I had a little helper as well:

and then I placed the pieces onto the backing and pinned them down. I used the yellow sheets as a template over the backing, placed the pieces and pinned them at the top and bottom, then slid the yellow paper out and finished pinning.

This is the panel with the first pieces pinned on. Below is the design photo, you can see how the grey will be the orange pieces, the dark green will be the light green, and the dark brown backing is the darkest brown/grey in the photo.   
I'm actually really happy with it!