Last night I went to the Canberra Quilters meeting with mum. It was amazing to see so many motivated people involved with sewing, they have their big Quilt Fair on next weekend in Canberra which we should be able to get to as well!

The lady from Aussie Hero Quilts ( was there speaking about how and why she makes the quilts, and it was really nice to see everyone enthusiastic about what she has achieved.

Anyway... while I was there I was thinking about ways to spice up my tree bark quilt and was thinking about a drawing I did of a huntsman spider a while back for an embroidery I never did. It's not quite a huntsman, and not quite a cartoon, it's just nice.

I personally don't like spiders. I would love to love spiders, but basically I would be happy to reach a point where one appearing on the dashboard would not spell disaster. Even looking at them to draw them makes my skin crawl. BUT, they are definately beautiful and can be friendly if done right and i would love to add this one somewhere on my quilt.