Look at all the pins!

There are sooooo many pins. And almost the same number of tiny holes in my fingers now :(

BUT... the main top of the quilt is done, I just have a few small bits left to attach, including a few bits for the sides I'm not yet decided upon.

It's definately too short, only 73.5cm, not 75, which means the issue of a border has been decided for me. I'm thinking about attaching a 10cm ish border in a dark brown, maybe even the dark brown felt. I need to extend the quilt somehow into the border, I could extend the ants into it, even taking them part way around it. I could extend the quilting further, off the main top, but I'm worried as it's soooo much thicker than the border would be it would look odd and not sit nicely.

There is still soooo much to think about :)