Photos from Julie :)

Firstly, Julie is absolutely bloody amazing ;)

She manages to make ANYTHING look truly amazing, once she managed to make my snotty 8 months old look completely adorable, and she has such a way with taking pics of my quilts.

So many of the comps going around are now judged to finalist level by photo submissions, and in this case it is 100% vital that the pics are as good as possible - otherwise it doesn't matter much how nice your quilt is! Which is where Julie comes in.

She's known for her amazing portraits and wedding images, she's been the photographer at quite a few of our friends weddings and always makes the day that little bit more perfect. She has a long list of lovely ladies who produce handmade items and who flock to her for pics of their designs - I'm so lucky to know her and have her deign to come and help little old me! God help me when she moves away!!! Although being forced to drive to Coffs to see her won't be a huge struggle ;)

She has an amazing and, for me, very inspiring website: and a blog where you can check out her entry about me!!!

So, here is a little teaser of the pics she took today: