Now that my quilt is safely away to the quilt show I can admit that I took to it with a blowtorch before I sent it off. I was majorly concerned that something awful would happen, but I kept telling myself that it is wool, wool doesn't burn it smoulders, and that everything would be ok. And it worked!

As a result of my (relatively minor) experiment with my quilt I decided to burn the living daylights out of some other pieces of fabric and see what came out. First I tried a piece of James's cam fabric from work, which definately doesn't burn, it took me ages to even make a dint (which proves that all that money DMO spend to test these fabrics actually makes them fireproof), but when it did burn it made some half decent holes.

I'm relatively pleased with the effect, especially on the red background fabric, but it's nowhere near as good as the wool fabric.

You can see the two next to each other here.

The wool burnt much better, but looked a bit spotty after the first burn, so I gave it another :) 

and you can see the detail in the wool burn here, it's definately crusty and bubbly.
I'm planning on quilting it to within an inch of it's life - more to follow.