Wetland Care Comp

I've moved onto a project for the WetlandCare Art Comp http://www.wetlandcare.com.au/index.php?cID=547, the due date is the 9th November so I have a bit of time and they take 2D textile artworks.

From the first time I thought of wetlands I had this image in my head of a close up of the edge of a pond, hidden by reeds, similar to what we saw at the Sanctuary at Tidbinbilla. Unfortunately (or fortunately, as I've had to push myself) I have been unable to find any pics on google which were close to what I wanted, and I've tried to take a pic of some of the ponds near our place but nothing was working, so I've drawn my own 'pond' from my head.

I quite like it, it's not 100% but you can tell what it is, and it will work well with the kind of work I want to do on it.

I had a crack at painting some homespun for the background, I'm relatively happy with the colours, but obviously it will need A LOT of work.
More to follow.