I won!!!!!!

I got an email last week from the people for the NSW Quilters Guild/Brother Comp that I had placed in their comp, but didn't want to mention it on here until I knew how I'd gone.

But I won!!!!!! Can't really believe I've actually won something. I'll be able to work on a great new sewing machine instead of my dodgy old one with it's taped up light. There were 27 quilts in my section.

 Here is the proof! I didn't overhear anyone saying anything awful about it either which was my big worry. I got to talk to the ladies who organised the comp as well after and the rep from Brother who was lovely, they all really liked the quilt.

They had quite a few ideas about what to do next and some other comps I could enter with this quilt. I'm thinking I might have to wait and see if I'm lucky enough to get into the Expressions final before I enter it into anything else.

Poor James did a marvellous job of driving there with me, and he looked at all of the quilts as well. There were some beautiful ones there, the girl who won the high school section was amazing, so talented, I was nothing like that at her age!