One Step Further

The lovely lady from Brother mentioned a competition called One Step Further, which is run in Victoria each year. One Step Further

It's a competition for people who want to push the boundaries of quilt making, which is great cos thats exactly what I do. I can't really enter Barklife since I'm hoping it will get into the Wool Museum comp finals, but I thought I would finish off the ship quilt/embroidery which I've had on the go for ages. I lost interest in it when I couldn't work out how best to finish it, but I'm actually I've had a break from it. I've just finished the last bits of hand work and basted it, and done the first few bits of quilting.

I originally had white bollards along the wharf, but I ditched them since they didn't really add much but took away a lot of the focus from the ship.

I finally settled on using blue satin for the flag, I'm actually quite happy with it. 

and you can see the first bits of quilting here.

I'm really enjoying it, I'm a little unsure of how to quilt the main bit of the ship, I think it requires an all or nothing approach.

Hungrey Caterpillar update: I'm almost finished the leaf and caterpillar, I just need to wait for the name of Mel's baby before I can finish it off. I'm not going to put any more pics up until she's seen it since I want it to be a surprise for her :) I shouldn't have much longer to wait, she's just about ready to pop!