So I'm having a break from the ship while I work out what else it needs (plus I'm scared of quilting the sky).

Mum bought me this beautiful blue fabric which is a perfect background for the reeds, it's very rich and blue but has a bit of variation as well.

I took some pics yesterday which I'm actually really happy with, they were better than anything I could find on the net and have some great greens. I've just cropped it down to the middle portion.

Then I sketched the general shape of the reeds onto the canvas which I'm using for the base, to give me a scale to work from. It's very general, I think it's difficult to go too wrong, it's basically just strips of fabric from one side to the other!

Then I started with some dark green strips, to give a bit of depth to the background. The image is very light at the front, but there is a bit of depth to the behind colours and I thought it was important to balance the deep blue.

I've then added some lighter (but still dark) green strips and I'm happy already! I'm planning on taking a bit more time with the next few layers, piecing each reed individually so there is some variation within each reed. I'm lucky I have such a good stock of transparent greens to work with, it should make my life a bit easier.