scale drawing for Soldier On.

I've been thinking about this project for a little while, but finally got around to making the full scale version of the drawings. I would have preferred white paper, but newspaper will do this time. I don't suppose 'real' artists would use newspaper, but there you go.

It's a little difficult to see the details, basically its big red poppies on the left, then there is a soldier on the right. You can see a little better in the sketch here:

and this photo gives you some idea, but I've played around with the scale so the poppies on the left are much closer to the viewer. I took this one ages ago, when I hadn't even thought of this quilt, when I tried to go back and take a better photo with the quilt in mind I couldn't replicate the combination of light, shadow, and no people, so this is the image I'm sticking with!
I had an idea to call it Soldier On, in honour of the charity which supports wounded and returning Australian soldiers, and I'm hoping to get their support to use their name as the quilt title. So I'm sticking with that name, until I get around to speaking with them.