Soldier On, piecing

I've been working to get the 'background' ready to put together for the quilt, and I've been using some old fashioned pattern piecing methods.

Basically I use greaseproof paper to copy the size of the pieces I need from the full scale drawing, you can see since the drawing is tacked onto the wall I'm using blue tack to keep the greaseproof in place while I copy the lines.

Then I align the pattern with the fabric so the grain is running the right way (this is very new for me, normally I'm much more relaxed about my approach to grain direction etc.)

Then I cut out the fabric with the pattern piece pinned to it. I've been adding a 1/4 inch seam allowance to all the pieces, I love my 1/4 inch patchwork foot. I've been allowing extra fabric for where I know the edges will be and where the pieces meet in the middle (at the 'soldier') which I can always trim later if it's not needed. There is nothing worse than having it almost perfect, but having no wriggle room.

And here you can see the results of all this greaseproof paper. The steps were very frustrating as each is on a different angle to account for perspective. No doubt some quilting nut has worked out a way to cut fabric like this with minimum effort but I had to do things the slow way this time.
I think this is the only accurate method for foundation piecing something this unique, unfortunately there are no short cuts when you want to get it right :( which is a shame because I love shortcuts.
It is definately effective though, I'm loving the results already!