Selected for Expressions and One Step Further!

So today I got a letter telling me that BarkLife and the ship had been selected for One Step Further! That is great, it is a comp for art quilters who like to think outside the square and it's an honour to have been selected for both my entries. It is also sponsored by Brother! you can find out more about One Step Further here.

But unfortunately I can't send BarkLife because it was selected for Expressions!!!!!!! Hurray!!!!! I really can't believe it is actually one of the finalists, many experienced art quilters list selection as a finalist for Expressions as a huge accomplishment, so I can't believe I've managed it on my first try.

I really couldn't care less that I most probably won't win, I'm just so pleased to have been selected! It means I'm not totally off my trolley and other qualified people, who don't know me, also like what I'm making!

Onwards and Upwards!!!