Almost finished the background

and I bought the fabric for the name panels! Very productive, especially considering the week that I've been having.

The fabric I bought for the panels is just beautiful. It cost a bomb, but the other ladies in the shop couldn't stop stroking it. It's brilliant because it reflects the light the way I wanted it to, it's shiny but it still has depth, and it's very dark but can look light when the light is shining on it (as you can see in the pic).

I still have to buy the red fabric for the poppies, but I'm thinking of getting a light coloured homespun and dying/painting the flowers myself. Cheaper and more effective.

I used a sample piece to see how it would sew, I'm not convinced I need to cut it into individual panels before sewing it on, I think that I can achieve the same effect with quilting and in any case most of the panel will be covered in poppies anyway.

I'm not sold on a method for the name roll, I tried quilting in gold thread, and using acrylic and fabric paints, but I'm thinking of using a template and sponge stencilling them on.

I've finished most of the background, the windows and pavers, I just have to finish the ceiling and tidy things up a bit! I'm still not a huge fan of zigzag stitch, but it certainly has it's uses. I ran out of the varigated grey shiny thread with two windows to go, in fact I'm starting to run out of lots of threads. I think the size of the quilt is using up much more than I'm used to.
I've also been looking into the Houston Quilt Festival, they have an In Full Bloom (floral quilt) competition, with a submission date of April 2013, so I'm thinking of creating a smaller sample poppy quilt for that comp. It would be good to see how the black fabric sews, as well as giving me a chance to try out the poppy! Once I've finished the background I'll move onto the small quilt, then come back to the big one.