Thanks Soldier On!

Thanks for linking my humble little blog!

I've been working on the sample quilt today, in between enjoying the semi-warm Canberra spring with the kids. It's looking good, I'm so glad I'm not testing out these methods on the main quilt - even though I'm not up to attaching petals to the background I'm still happier not testing on Soldier On yet.

I've taken the design from a photo I took of the poppies straight on, and then cropped significantly.

It gives me the chance to make flowers on a few different angles, which is something I'm going to have to do in the main quilt.

I hung BarkLife at mum's place today to hang until it goes off to Geelong for Expressions, and spent ages thinking about the green parts and how they've been quilted. I think I can do something very similar with red wool and felt to create the petals.

So this is the printed full-scale version of the poppies, which I've outlined.
I've made a few of the petals but they're definately a work in progress. I'll add some pics tomorrow :)
Last night I laid out the background for Soldier On, with the black fabric folded to fit where it will eventually go. I'm much happier now I can see how it all goes together!