Poppies again.

I'm working on the poppies again, trying to get the look I want. I'd underestimated how hard it would be to get the right colour and texture and shape and everything! I've made two so far for the trial piece, but they are still a long way from finished.

I dyed felt red, after it had been cut into shape, but it didn't look right as it was so matt when it was next to the shiny black background. So I've gone back to a version of what I was doing before, red homespun cotton, which is cut into shape, layered with a felt wadding and backing, then stitched right sides together and turned/ironed.

I then use black rit dye, which is very watered down, to paint on a bit of shading. I've made some of the black centres using black wedding tulle (not that cheap coarse stuff, really nice fine stuff), and A LOT of stitching back and forth on the machine.

This one on the right has been completed, You can see that the tulle sits flatter after it's been sewn onto the red.

The one below has been finished on the machine but hasn't been attached onto the red yet, it's just sitting in place.

Lots more to do!