Diver Helmet

I made this quilt for James for Christmas, but he saw it last night so the surprise is gone :(

He's going away early next year, and I wanted him to have a quilt to take away with him. We went over different (often kid-centered) options but in the end we went for something work related - he's proud of being a diver and he will enjoy shoving it in peoples faces as much as possible like most divers.

I wanted it to be both warm and light, so it's made with polar fleece on the backing, no wadding, and flannel 'patchwork' fabrics for the top. Unfortunately visofix refused to work, so I had to use pins and spray adhesive. I did try using my glue pen, but that was a bit of a right-off too. It's not as smooth and polished as I wanted, but I suppose that's part of the charm. Plus I made it in about 10 hours, so it was never going to be perfect. I also know it will probably have tea/coffee dencorub, and god knows what else on it before he comes home, so there isn't much point in being a perfectionist.

I got to try out my free-motion quilting on my new machine, and it certainly makes a big difference. I'm still not 100% happy, my back and arms were aching by the time i finished, but it's a step up from my old machine.

Back to Soldier On now! I filled in the entry form today for the Canberra Show, I've got 2 months left to finish it.