Medium poppy

I feel like I'm back in year 12 struggling with 4 unit maths sometimes. There are so many ways I could make the poppy work, and I've never made anything like it before, so I'm always having to drag them out of the 'too hard' basket.

BUT... I've worked out the big poppies, and now I've worked out the medium poppies too, so I'm actually feeling ok about the whole thing.

Basically I used two circles of fabric, sewed the seams then turned them right sides out and painted (with black watery dye) the centers and a bit of contrast. I used a very small amount of wadding to pad the general shape, but I wasn't fussy about what went where, then used repeated straight stitch from the middle out in a fan shape at various points around the edge. It had the effect of warping the fabric slightly, so it no longer sits flat, and should hopefully give more depth to the final image. I used a bit of zig zag stitch as well on some of the edge.
For the center I cut a small circle of the black tulle I've been using for the big poppies, and the same back-and-forward technique with black thread for the stitching.
I went through a few versions before I got the right one, first I tried circles which was totally hopeless, then I tried a similar technique without padding which just looks limp. I also tried a similar approach to the bigger poppies, but they just don't have the room for any kind of precision with the machine, and I don't want them to look untidy.