AQC Challenge 2013

Wow, I've been super slack with my blogging, I blame it on Christmas, James getting ready to go away, and my G button falling off my key board. I never realised how many g's i type until my botton fell off :(

So, I'm still almost complete with Soldier On, I felt like it was becommin a bit of a chore and I was certainly not enjoying the work, so I've put it aside, this usually works, I'll be ready to finish it in one big burst in another week or so.

I got an email just before Christmas that the AQC challenge is actually going to be held this year, which is great, since I thought they'd cancelled it when they couldn't find a sponsor. The theme is 'free', which is a whole heap better than last years theme or the one before, but also very general, and I spent a week or so deliberating the various options for my entry. I wanted something upbeat, something which amde you feel free (blue skies, sunny day, beach etc) but also had the 'released' aspect of free. James and I were driving back from Sydney when we saw a caravan, with the slogan "spending the kids inheritance" on the back. They had also labled themselves Captain and Co-Captain Steve and Wendy.

We love the idea of travelling once the kids are older (although probably not by caravan), so this appealed to me on quite a few levels. I drew a caravan trundling along a cliff road, next to the sea:

I can barely believe I drew this myself, I used a few other photos as reference, and the caravan is from a gumtree advert, but otherwise it's all out of my head.

I've dyed the sky blue, and the sea is various shades of blue and black, and here is the mountain: