moving on :)

I love starting something new! I've been drooling over the catalogue for 2012 Waterhouse Prize for a while now and I got to see the selected finalists that toured to the National Archives in Canberra, so it seems natural that I would enter something this year. I don't really suppose there is much chance I will get in, but "you've got to be in it to win it" as my Mum says.

I've gone through a few ideas but have settled on a version of the bark quilt, much smaller and in closer detail, and with less bright colours.

I took some pics of the bark on the trees in the park opposite our place (did I mention I love my new camera?) and cropped til I had something to work with - it's definately less dramatic than BarkLife, but it's going to hopefully be just as effective. Even more so since I think sometimes BarkLife can be a bit overwhelming.

I like the flow and colours of this one, little streaks of orange/gold peek out from the grey and brown.

More to come :)