The real new project

I started getting out all the fabric for the tree quilt yesterday and felt physically ill at the sight of all the brown and green fabric. I can't stand to make another brown quilt right now, so I'm making the windmill one I've had in the back of my head for a while now. It's definately something new for me, very abstract (ok, abstract for me, not really that abstract) and touchy feely and non-precise. IMG_2104



The design is super simple, it was literally the design I drew in two minutes straight from my head to show James what I was thinking. I tried to draw it again to refine it and couldn't get it anywhere near as organic and natural looking, so I just blew up my quickie design to size and I'm using it 'as is' on the quilt.

I couldn't be bothered going to the shops again so I've dyed some of the white sheer fabrics I already have yellow. The super thick and tacky tulle is actually much more usable after it's a better colour rather than the off white.


I'm using the confetti technique for the background, with around 100 different fabrics. I'm using everything from sheers and organza to felt and linen, just anything for a variety of textures and colours. Quite a few of the fabrics have a nice shine or shimmer and they depth of their layering should give the background a really multifaceted effect. I'm planning on adding threads and ribbons as well before covering the whole thing with tulle and quilting it.