Sydney Quilt Show

I had the most amazing time at the quilt show this weekend! I had my first experience as a 'white glove lady' on Saturday morning and loved it! It was so great to see all the people at the show and I had a chance to look at all of the quilts. I was fortunate enough to meet so many of my quilting idols - I actually felt really star-struck! They are such a lovely bunch of women, motivated and friendly, and I felt really welcomed by them all. The quilts were amazing this year! Janet Treen's quilt Rings and Roses was stunning, such a beautiful quilt and very deserving of it's numerous awards.

I could spend all day talking about the quilts - it's probably easier to check out the winners on the guild blog -

My quilts did well, Soldier On won first in the Pictorial Quilts (open) section, and BarkLife was second place in the Art Quilts (open) section. I found out this morning that Soldier On has won the Viewers Choice award as well. Hopefully that means lots and lots of people will have heard about Soldier On and the work they are doing for wounded service personnel.


To find out more about the work of Soldier On please visit their site: