Sunday night...

so James is back at work tomorrow - he's super excited and I'm happy about having my house back to myself (it's heaps easier to clean when he's out for most of the day) but I'm not going to get anywhere near as much sewing time :(

I'm a bit of a crossroads with this new quilt. I love the design and the colours I'm working with, and the image in my head for the quilt is quite clear, but I keep having to stop myself from worrying too much about one particular piece of fabric or section of design. The new quilt has a large chunk of brick wall in it, and I keep having to remind myself that what's important is that the whole image works, not that the wall looks as much like a wall as possible.

I found this amazing blog about watercolour techniques, which I'm thinking I can apply to this quilt - He turns photos into paintings that I absolutely love, you still get the feel and pull of the original image but they are somewhat refined. No idea if it will work - but I think it's worth a shot!