Me, start a new project before finishing the last one???

Never!!! Ok maybe that sounds like something I would do...

So I have wanted new dining chairs for ages as we have 4 chairs that match plus a few random others and I they're all getting wonky and old. And I went to the bower today in Marrickville looking for vintage fabric and left with 8 retro chairs instead! Luckily they didn't cost a fortune but they're a really nice design and solid wood so I'm going to make some new covers for them.

I'm thinking about a food themed design since they're for our family dining table, I'm thinking oversized veggie chairs. No ideas about what fabric I'll use, I'm just planning on seeing what I can find but they need to be tough to stand up to my kids and I want them to look good for a while.



I forgot to take a picture of them today but I'll tell try to remember to post one tomorrow.