Aussie Hero Quilts

I had a great day today at Penrith Patchwork ( sewing with Aussie Hero Quilts. Jan-Maree, the amazing founder of AHQ (incidentally she also cooks a delicious choc chip bickie) and I have been chatting over email and planning on meeting up for ages so it was great to finally meet her properly. I also got to meet some of her regulars - they are just such a lovely bunch to sew with - and very industrious! I also got to meet Jenni from Tapestry Moon ( - I had no idea she was going to be there and I got to see some of her work as well :) I felt a bit like a fish out of water sewing traditional patchwork again. I started a red and blue quilt, I'll post some pics when it's more than just squares of fabric - having to match points and square up blocks will be a bit of a change but it's a welcome one!

You can find out more about AHQ here: You can also find some great patchwork tutorials on the site, as well as info on how to sew for AHQ. You don't need to be able to go to their sewing days and any help is always appreciated :)