All packed for Geelong.

TAFTA Retreat tomorrow!!! SOOOOO excited about the week ahead, mostly getting to meet other amazing textile minded people and learning from Sue Dennis!! Also a bit excited about getting to sleep through the night, eat my meals at my own pace and talk all day to grown-ups. This is the first time I'll have been away from the kids for a whole week, and it is taking a whole team of 4 Grandparents and one Dad to fill the gap. James keeps reminding me that I'm being soft and a week away is nothing - think I'll miss them a whole heap anyway :) If anyone is in Geelong the Open House Saturday October 5th is supposed to be brilliant - you can find the details here:

For everyone who's asked what I'll be doing all week, you can see the course details on Sue's website here: Sue's work is beautiful and I can't wait to meet her again.