I've been a bit quiet,

Since we went to Mel's birthday this weekend. It was great to see her and all of her amazing family, and I got to give her the koby quilt as well. We took Ethan with us and it was brilliant to have some time alone with him. He's so lovely and well behaved he can get looked over in the face of Lincoln and his craziness. We spent the whole weekend chilling out and the boys spent a few hours in the pool escaping the heat on Saturday.

This morning we went back to normal, which meant I got very little done during the day but I managed to get the background of the boot quilt together tonight.

The bottom of the quilt (the paving in the picture) is now echo quilted, and I'm planning on painting some shadows in next. Sorry the alignment is wrong but I can't work out how to rotate it!


And I also quilted the bricks. I'm having to stop myself filling in all the bricks, but I figure I can add some more tomorrow if it needs it.


It's getting exciting now, I'm finally getting to the bit where I get to put it all together!