Fair Warning

aled crop 1

I'm warning you now - With the Centenary of ANZAC Day coming up in 2015, a fair bit of my work over the next 18 months is going to be focussed on ANZAC Day. With our big move to Cairns coming up I've been looking for a small project to do while we're 'homeless', and it clicked that I could fit in something small for the SAQA Trunk show which is due at the end of January. The quilts have to be 10in high by 7in wide, and can be on any theme. http://www.saqa.com/calendar-detail.php?ID=3846 You can find out more here on the SAQA website.

Since I'm already thinking about ANZAC themes, I thought it would be good to start off with something that reflects what I do - Defence Families. I started looking online for pics of kids at ANZAC Day marches - I'm usually too busy at the march wrangling 3 kids and pointing out Daddy or Uncle Matt to take my own photos - and came across an amazing photo of one of my friends kids! She was kind enough to send me a high res copy to work with as well :)

I've played around a bit with it, cropping it to different points, and now I have two sizes I'm trying to decide between - happy to take opinions!

aled crop 1 Option 1

aled crop 2 Option 2