Painting again!


I'm killing multiple birds with one stone with this one.

First, I'm scratching my painting itch. It's also a chance to try out my new 'sewing onto painted canvas' trick again on a bigger scale (it's 80cm by 40cm).

Secondly, I'm trying out one of the Gallipoli images I'm thinking of using in the quilts for the AQC. This image is of a couples' reunion at an Anzac Buffet in the Domain after the war. I love it because of the look on her face and also because she is dressed like she has spent the 2 weeks before he came home perfecting her outfit, which is just what I do when James comes home.

The third 'bird' I'm killing is that I would love to submit something for the Gallipoli art prize which closes in March! Don't know if it will make the cut but I might as well give it a shot.

Happy to take opinions :)