It's time to stop mucking about.


I'm seriously unhappy with the James quilt so I've put it to one side for now. I've got a little while before the deadline so if I change my mind I can finish it off but I'm thinking of cutting it down and using it in something else. I need to stop thinking about the Gallipoli quilts and just start them. That way I can have enough time to adjust if something isn't working at the other end.

I have a tentative layout which I'm going to work on as I go. I'm also working on sketches for the seperate images, working mostly from the old images from the Australian War Memorial.

I found a great photo from Gallipoli which had been coloured in by hand and I'm using the colours in this image as the basis for the colour selection. Thankfully I really like these colours, they're still calm and muted but a step away from the sepia tones we're used to seeing from WWI photos. This photo doesn't capture the colours perfectly but you can get the idea.


I'm also planning on using lots of white as a base and to connect the quilts.

Here are a few of the sketches (sorry if they're a bit blurry):