O week.

I had orientation today for JCU! It feels very odd to be back at uni, it's not much like the first time round - there was a lot less drill and the only thing I was issued was my student ID. There were a lot more 'mature aged' students than I expected, people heading back to uni after other careers to follow their dreams. I don't get to start actual uni until next week, I'm doing one first year subject and one second year subject but I've managed to get them both on the same day (great for Linc's daycare).

In other news i'm almost finished the boot quilt (deadline is Friday), should be all done by tomorrow night, and I've gone back to the James quilt and I'm happy with it again. So it'll be a bit mental trying to get it all finished by the end of next week but then I'm going to try and not take on too much else so I can focus on uni and the Gallipoli quilts.


Just had to include a sneaky pic of Linc playing mini golf.