Jumbo ironing board and signature stamp.

I'm getting the last few things ready to start the Anzac Quilts. It feels a bit like procrastination but I'd prefer to have as much as possible on hand before starting so I'm not stopping and starting. I repurposed the boys old train board for a jumbo sized ironing board. I hate having to try and iron the big pieces on a normal board and the towel on the floor trick gave variable results so this board will be great, especially when I'm putting together the feature panels. I covered it in cotton wadding which costs a fortune but gives the best results.


It was really easy to make, just lay it all flat, cut to size then staple it together.

The finished board is 120cm by 105cm.

I also needed to find a way to sign the quilts but obviously a pen won't work so well. I could free motion stitch one to each quilt but I wanted to try making a stamp I could use with the shiva oil paint sticks. I used an old cork sanding block and a Stanley knife.


I think it turned out ok!