My big news - Thanks Bernina!

So, here's the big news I was telling you about - Bernina have invited me to be a Friend of Bernina and they have loaned me a machine to use to make the Anzac Quilts! Thanks so much to Kerrie and the team at Bernina for all their help and support! And not just any machine - it's a 750 QE, and it's amazing!!!!! I'm over the moon, it will make it so much easier to construct the quilts and really do them justice. I've not had long enough with it to give you a detailed review yet but so far it's just fantastic.

You can find out more about Bernina here:

They have a few great sewing/Inspiration Newsletters you can sign up for as well.

I picked it up this morning from Cairns Sewing Centre in Manunda, and Wendy was kind enough to show me a little bit about how to use it - I'm going back in a few weeks once I've got a bit of a handle on it for some more instruction about how to get the most out of it. Wendy was really lovely, very helpful and generous with her time and her shop is great.

Rons Ipad 268 (2)

The box looks like it's in front of us in this pic, but we're actually standing next to it, it's just massive! Looks a bit like a tank now it's unpacked on my table.

Rons Ipad 285 (2)

It was great to see in the shop how it works - although I think I might need to read the manual a few times to get the hang of it!



Mum helped me unpack it - it even has that new machine smell :)

And to test it out I made myself a bag for all my uni stuff :) Sorry the pic is not great, but when I asked the kids they knew it was Linc in his sunnies so I figure it looks ok. Lots of fun to make, and sooooooo much easier on the Bernina!