More work on the Anzac Quilts

I'm so proud that I actually got some real work done today (not just answering emails) and I've crossed a major mental block with the Anzac Quilts. I had the backgrounds, ready to go, just waiting to be painted, but with everything for this task it seems like such a huge risk to take to make a next step. In an individual quilt I can usually hide mistakes or pretend like I always meant it to be that way, but with these if I make a mistake I then have to try to replicate that mistake on each background, so they all stay balanced!

Here's the soldier with crosses background (still have work to do on the rocks):



and this is part of the lone pine background:


I'm struggling with trying to find a rubbing plate or stencil with tiny, evenly spaced dots/bumps, like one Sue had with her in Geelong at the TAFTA retreat, which would be really handy for the rocks. I've been through the Tupperware drawer and the kids craft box but I still can't find anything - I'll have to keep looking :)

Thanks for all your wonderful comments about the exhibition - it really means a lot x x